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Hardware/Software Simulation Environment for Automotive Multicore Systems


Lehrstuhl: Embedded Systems

Betreuer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Selma Saidi,

Beginn ab: Sommersemester 2020 - 01.04.2020

Maximale Anzahl der Teilnehmer: 6


Embedded hardware platforms currently used in automotive are becoming increasingly complex and heterogeneous with the adoption of multi/many-core processors systems. Appropriate simulation frameworks allow to understand the timing behavior of the system depending on software and hardware characteristics, as well as explore different design architectural choices and quantitatively evaluate their implications on system performance.

The goal of the project is to build a system simulation framework in Gem5 of an SoC platform used in automotive. The specification of the platform as well as the application are provided in AMALTHEA, an open source model-based design and analysis framework used by industry to exchange high-level automotive software and hardware models.

Projektgruppe HardSoftwareTasks:

  • Create a framework of an automotive system-on-chip hardware using Gem5 including multiple embedded processors, local interconnects and memory hierarchies, ​
  • Synthesize the Gem5 components from an AMALTHEA SW and HW description​,
  • Create variants of the considered models with variable configurations such as different applications loads, different processors architectures and different memory components including caches or SPM, DMAs and DRAMs. ​
  • Evaluate the performance of different configurations.​

You will learn:

  • Some characteristics of automotive applications and automotive hardware,​
  • How to build and simulate your own computer architecture based on existing architectural building blocks, ​
  • How to investigate different architectural design alternatives, ​
  • The implications of hardware architectural features on system performance.


  • Basic notions of computer architectures,
  • Programming experience in python/C++, Java.

Note: This project work will be done in collaboration with Bosch Corporate Research (with Falk Rehm and Dr. Arne Hamann).

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Selma Saidi
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